Noah's Ark

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Preschoolers can swarm up the Rock Wall Climber and zoom down the bumpy Wave Slide or Chute Scrambler. Two window panels and a Solar cutout panel provide ample viewing opportunities.

The Rock Wall Climber now includes our new rubberized HDPE board for even more secure climbing.

The interactive Oval Gears Panel introduces basic STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) concepts. In addition, two beautiful, full color photos feature prominently near the upper decks.

The realistic driving wheel will let kids navigate their pretend ocean. They can check the horizon with the two teleidoscopes as they sail.

Noah's Ark play structure is 100% made in the USA, and manufactured primarily from 100% recycled materials. This structure is made from 10,949 recycled milk jugs. 

***Heavyweight and nonstock items are subject to additional shipping charges.

Extra Information

Nature of Early Play
Nonstock Item:
Age Range:
2-5 years
15-20 preschoolers
Use Zone:
32' x 18'
Installed Dimensions:
60"W x 232"L x 114"H
Fall Height:
Made in:
100% Made in the USA
Milk Jugs Recycled: