Oxygen Kit

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Oxygen Kit with 1 entrance and 2 exits consists of 8 pieces: 2 H Blocks, 1 Y Block, 1 Straight Beam, 1 Stairs/Slope, 1 Wave Beam, 1 Tunnel Beam and 1 Bridge. All pieces are made from thick polyethylene.

H Shaped Slot-In Block dimensions: 11.75"W x 23.5"L x 17.75"H
Y Shaped Slot-In Block dimensions: 25.5"W x 25.5"L x 17.75"H
Straight Beam dimensions: 11.75"W x 47.25"L x 6"H
Stairs/Slope dimensions: 11.75"W x 29.5"L x 17.75"H
Wave Beam dimensions: 11.75"W x 29.5"L x 17.75"H
Tunnel Beam dimensions 11.75"W x 47.25"L x 23.5"H
Bridge dimensions: 11.75"W x 15.73"L x 11.75"H

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